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Our Group Clinical Strategy




Read our Group Clinical Strategy in full (PDF, 7.00Mb)

We aim to provide Northamptonshire with hospital care which is safe, compassionate and clinically excellent. Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals are working together to meet the growing needs of our local population and introduce exciting new clinical services including advanced diagnostics and robotic surgery.

Below you can read about our Clinical Strategy and how this will improve care for patients in our area.

 We want to make sure that our services meet the future needs of you, the people living in the county.  It is our vision to deliver truly excellent patient care for the people of Northamptonshire.


Non-urgent advice: Our aim is to transform services, with a focus on four core ambitions:

  1. Work with our partners to prevent ill-health and reduce hospitalisation
  2. Develop a Northamptonshire Cardiology Centre of Excellence led by Kettering General Hospital and a Northamptonshire Cancer Centre of Excellence led by Northampton General Hospital,
  3. Protect elective beds to reduce cancelled operations, reduce long waiting times and increase efficiency.
  4. Build on our University Hospital status to become a hub for innovation.


Why we're doing this now



The University Hospitals of Northamptonshire is a collaboration of Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust. Collectively, they are committed to providing safe, compassionate and clinically excellent care for the people of Northamptonshire.

We face, however, a range of challenges in delivering this commitment, including our ability to recruit some specialist staff to care for a growing and ageing population. Working as a Group, we have far greater opportunity to benefit our patients and staff than we would as separate hospital Trusts, whilst finding sustainable ways to manage and tackle staffing shortages.

Integrating our clinical services with GPs and community teams will be an opportunity to improve the quality of our services, whilst finding sustainable ways to manage and tackle staffing shortages.

How our strategy will help patients

One anonymous patient’s experience demonstrates how care will improve as the Group’s hospitals jointly bring specialist equipment into the County, one of the advantages of working together.


What was your experience like?

"I had my operation in the middle of the COVID pandemic lockdowns. The worst thing was travelling on the M1. I guess the problem with going outside Northamptonshire is purely the journey…which is a bit arduous, especially in the wintertime and takes just over an hour and ten minutes to get there from here. But by far the worst situation was the journey home after the operation, and that was horrendous.  If I'm honest, I had the operation, I think I can probably name every single pothole on the M1 because it was it was very, very uncomfortable. So I was trying to raise myself out of my seat and by far, that was one of the worst experiences of the whole thing and took me a good period of time to recover.  There’s also the expense of doing that, because it is quite a way."


How will KGH and NGH working together make your care better?

"Obviously, if the patient is local to the Northampton, then it's a great advantage. I think also there's an element of continuity about it as well, because my specialist nurses from Northampton, all the care I'd had up to then, initial consultation meetings with the consultants was all continued in the same department and you get to familiarise yourself with it. Obviously, you get apprehensive about the operation anyway and going somewhere completely strange, completely different people that I'd never met before, that was a bit of off-putting.  It would be one less thing to worry about when you're going through obviously quite difficult times."

How our staff view our strategy  

Our staff informed the future vision for our services. They told us that we need to bring together the hospital services across Northamptonshire to benefit patients and help us retain and recruit our staff. These doctors share their views on why we need to act now to improve care and make Northamptonshire a great place to attract the best healthcare workers.





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